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“The resources he provided were invaluable, and his dedication to nurturing the next generation of speakers is truly admirable. I wholeheartedly recommend Andy for any endeavor that seeks to blend the art of public speaking with scientific precision and passion.”

Banda Khalifa, MD, MPH, MBA
President, Johns Hopkins Epidemiology Student Organization


Connect with and inspire your audience

500 classes and workshops
500 coaching hours
5,000 people

Meet you where you are

Strong social media presence

Growing list of repeat clients.

My story

My  goal, and the goal of my work with you, is to identify the most important aspects of your message, figure out how to wrap that message in a story that will connect with and inspire your audience, and teach you to deliver it with both an engaging style as well as a credibility-inspiring clarity. 

I have taught over 500 classes and workshops to over 5,000 university students, professors, entrepreneurs and other people interested in learning to present more effectively.  I have also spent over 500 hours in individual coaching sessions with those same graduate students, professors, and impact-driven founders developing research presentations and grant or SEED funding pitches. Important milestones have included:  
  • In 2013, I taught the first ever McGill course specifically designed for graduate students to help them present more effectively.  
  • In 2015, I received a McGill Outstanding Teaching award. 
  • In 2016, I began giving presentation workshops through McGill’s professional training division: Teaching and Learning Services.
  • In 2017, I became the designated coach for multiple start-up competitions at the McGill Faculty of Medicine as well as the presentation trainer for the Trottier Institute for Sustainable Engineering and Design annual SEDTalks event. 
  • In 2019 I began extending this work beyond McGill through the incorporation of Hone Communications.  
  • In 2022, I reached the wow milestone of 5,000 researchers and other professionals served. I thank each of them for the incredibly valuable work you do in making our world a better place and the trust you placed in me to join your journey. 
My expertise includes research methodology, storytelling, the science of communication, body language, voice, visual design, and, most importantly, the ability to hear what people want to say and translate it into a simple, compelling message. My coaching approach is both supportive and demanding. I will meet you where you are, identify the areas where improvement can have the biggest impact, and then help you take your next step to improving your presentations to maximize the ways they engage your audience and achieve your goals. 

I am regularly invited to speak at events and on podcasts and have an active LinkedIn presence with over 20,000 followers and posts that are  viewed more than 1,000,000 times/year.
I have a steadily increasing list of recurring contracts: once organizations begin working with me, they continue year after year, cohort after cohort. In fact, one of things that I am most proud of is this steadily growing list of repeat clients. And it is the recognition from these clients that continues to fuel me, perhaps none more than the way Dr. Jake Barralet, vice chair McGill Department of Surgery and lead for the CLIC Competition and Surgical Innovation Programs introduces me at those events as their very own “Pitch Whisperer.”
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The PresentBetter Newsletter

Great presentations are rare, together we can change that.  

For researchers wanting to be confident that every opportunity you have to present maximizes the reach of your research and the positive impact on your career.  

For supervisors wanting to equip your students with the knowledge and skills to present in ways that make them great ambassadors of your lab and help them successfully launch their own careers.  

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