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Welcome to the CLIC event coaching page.  

I will be posting video links as well as key slides from workshops here so that you can find everything easily in one place.  


The link to the scheduling page in case you need to change or update your meetings with me.  

zoom link for workshops and 1on1 coaching meetings:
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Final Suggestions.png

Delivery work
Voice, Body Language, Props & Visuals  

The good news / bad news trajectory of voice. 
voal journey.gif
More details on morphing as well as a few other tricks worth knowing.  The "zoom" functions a fantastic way to create an interactive interface that will change your investor meetings forever. 
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The PresentBetter Newsletter

Great presentations are rare, together we can change that.  

For researchers wanting to be confident that every opportunity you have to present maximizes the reach of your research and the positive impact on your career.  

For supervisors wanting to equip your students with the knowledge and skills to present in ways that make them great ambassadors of your lab and help them successfully launch their own careers.  

Thanks for submitting!

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