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Be Yourself

You do it better than anyone else


Getting a PhD and teaching at a big-time university is a funny thing.

It’s entry into a new club, with new rules, new ways of being.

Part of it is names: Dr. so and so or Professor last name.

We write with and use titles, a lot.

So when I got a PhD, I did what was expected

I adopted the language, the customs.

But then, as some of you know, I recently changed it.

I went back to simply being “Andy” again.

And a very funny thing happened:

I feel myself, and me feels good.

In fact, better than good.

I feel great.

What’s this got to do with presenting? everything really.

A big part presenting well is feeling comfortable

It isn’t about fitting into a community

It’s about fitting with your self.

If you can find your self on that stage

The self that feels good and true

Your star will shine!

Be yourself, you do it better than anyone else.

What have you got to lose?


Day 10 of 25 days with presents for the presenter in you.

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Happy holidays,

Santa Andy


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