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Emotions are contagious

Make your audience feel something


Hi I’m Andy — I smile a lot. I’m doing an advent calendar of presentation tips. This 1 seemed right for #socialsaturday Research shows emotions are contagious, so if you want your audience to feel something 👇 You have to feel it first, and feel it deeply, and let it show. Lean in to feeling & your audience will come along too. It’s called brain syncing, and it’s not science fiction. Maya Angelou famously said: “People will always remember how you made them feel” Feel with people, and people will remember you. Think back to the last great presenter you heard. How did the presenter make you feel? If you share who it was and how you felt in the comments, we can all learn together.


Day 3 of 25 days with presents for the presenter in you.

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Happy holidays, Smiling Santa Andy

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