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Story before statistics

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Stats are impressive, but can you tell the story?


I paused thinking carefully about what to say:

“Those stats about who you help are really impressive-

Can you tell me a story about a few of them?”

And then her voice changed, and her face lit up,

as she told me stories about people:

their loved ones and the addictions,

their successes and their struggles,

and most of all their hopes of a brighter future.

I had chills: If I had money to give, I would have given…

Instead, I offered this advice:

“Start with a few of those stories and just work the statistics into the stories or give us the statistics after to detail the impact; whichever, just be sure to let the story be the lead.”

Then we spent some time and re-arranged the talk together. I heard back a month or so later—an excited message detailing how they had been awarded nearly $1million to continue helping more people just like the ones whose stories they had shared with the foundation.

So remember-

don’t use story as example after,

do it the other way around:

Story before Statistics.


Day 7 of 25 days with presents for the presenter in you.

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Happy holidays,

Santa Andy

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