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Think about your visuals

The impact on visuals in your presentation


Are they each individually a shining light?

Or do they have connective tissue?

have inter-dependency?

create a tapestry?

Think about your slides like lights ('tis the season):

We don’t necessarily want to see the cord,

but it’s there, and it matters:

without it, all fails.

One curse of PowerPoint is disconnect from 1 slide to the next

But that’s not a PP problem, that’s an execution problem.

Think more holistically about your visuals,

make your visuals connect

and complement and augment.

Not only your presentation but each other as well:

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,

Only when the whole works together.

So tell me, do you think of your visuals holistically,

or mostly only 1 slide at a time?


Day 13 of 25 days with presents for the presenter in you.

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Happy holidays,

Santa Andy


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