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You need a routine for the starting blocks.

Updated: Jan 31

Prepare to start is preparing to succeed.

Most people take some time to get going,

Usain Bolt does it instantly.

2 things he knows you should 👇

Pre-visualization is about the power of the mind to make happen what you see ahead of time. The key is to pre-visualize success:

you nailing the opening line & the audience leaning in to listen

their faces flashing from surprise to laughter to support

the nods and smiles as you transition perfectly

from one moment to the next to the close.

Your mind is powerful: use it!

Pre-race routine is what happens in the last 5 minutes before the start, and you need to rehearse it. I set a timer for 5 minutes and then start when the timer goes off. Here’s what you should do during that time.

5 mins out: 2 mins of box breathing to bring down the nervous system.

3 mins out: visualize the successful talk, see each big moment (even a 20 minute you should be able to be run through mentally in 2 minutes or less), let emotions start building.

1 min out: see, hear, feel the audience, shift the focus now from me to them. The work is done, the fun is about to begin.

Go time: Step through whatever nerves are left and fully embrace the moment.

Use mine or develop your own routine—

Doesn’t matter, but you need one!

Practice it in your rehearsals

Make it





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