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"In minutes Andy took a draft script I'd prepared and made it come alive, such was the brilliance of his storytelling.

Not only is working with Andy highly effective and productive, it's also a lot of fun! "

Prepping for a national speaking competition

When I first met Rachael, she was already a star with a smile, charisma, and joie de vivre that immediately sets her apart.  

So when I listened to the draft script she had prepared for a speaking competition I knew exactly what we  needed to do.  Like lots of speakers, the introduction was too long and all background--Rachael could light up a stage so we needed to do it from the word go.  

We started by cutting the first minute and starting right in the action.  We then did some more cutting: snip this extra detail here, snip that tangential idea there, remove that story that wasn't needed in the middle bit, etc.  We quickly transformed the script from her needing to speed through 7 or 8 minutes of text to try and finish in 5, all the way down to 4 minutes, which she could now take 5 to deliver.  

And deliver she did: she was able to relax, share her story, teach a few things, and breathe.  Rather than scurrying to finish she could now be the star in her own show.  

Stay tuned as she might be bringing the talk to TEDx stage near you.  

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