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Image by National Cancer Institute

From researchers to start-up founders 


Surgical Innovation Program 
Clinical Innovation Competition

Fun fact: Dr. Jake Barralet introduces me as his “pitch whisperer” 

The Faculty of Medicine at McGill runs 2 start-up programs


Surgical Innovation –a year long program for graduate students to literally invent a clinical innovation. 


The Clinical Innovation Competition –a competition to identify the most promising start-up projects emerging from faculty research.  


They have in common a culminating public event that is a pitch competition. Dr. Barralet recognized early on he had a problem: the research and the innovation was better than the communication of it.  That’s where I come in.  

Both cohorts have to move beyond the space of academic presentation into the world of business start-ups, and I help them get there.  

It’s been both wildly fun and wildly successful. The list of start-up successes gets longer every year, and the competitions have become must-watch events!   

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