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If we are going to provide coaching for 3 students, why not coach many?

Why not turn the selection process into a mini research symposium


These 2 questions lead us to what we have today: a world class public speaking training program available to all TISED graduate students.  


It’s now become must do training.


The fall program is a 3 workshop series, then private coaching, then a public competition for selection of the next trio of ChangeMakers. 

The winter program is then small group and individual coaching as the ChangeMakers transform their 3 minute competition talks into 15 minute TED style story presentations. The venue is the McGill Faculty club stage and the audience includes not only faculty and friends but also industry professionals and policy makers, all convening to hear about the next generation of sustainability from researchers at McGill.   

The community building, skill development, and research sharing is all phenomenal.

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