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Hi there,

Here are some things we discussed in our workshop, and a few things that preview our upcoming small group work. If you plan to attend, please come with 75 second elevator talks that highlight 2 activities you have done. I look forward to seeing many of you in those sessions. Also, please connect on LinkedIn, and I invite you to sign up for my newsletter

Remember: we grow strongest when we grow together.  

Cheers, Andy 

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Download this pdf to develop a plain language 2 sentence description of what you do.  

WAIAD Statement Fillable Pdf

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Preview of coming delivery work 

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Better Practice for Better Performance: 

Watch the video and learn 5 things you can do that will get you prepared to nail your presentation every time.

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The PresentBetter Newsletter

Great presentations are rare, together we can change that.  

For researchers wanting to be confident that every opportunity you have to present maximizes the reach of your research and the positive impact on your career.  

For supervisors wanting to equip your students with the knowledge and skills to present in ways that make them great ambassadors of your lab and help them successfully launch their own careers.  

Thanks for submitting!

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