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The PresentBetter Newsletter

Unlocking a world where each word you speak can leave a lasting impression.

Your voice has the power to enlighten, persuade, and inspire. Sign up now and start increasing the impact of every presentation you or someone in your lab makes. Let every word you speak resonate with confidence and impact. Great research presentations may be rare, but they don't have to be. 

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  1. Practical Strategies: Actionable advice that you can implement immediately, within and beyond academia.​​

  2. Feedback Keys: Especially for PIs and supervisors, insights on how to better guide and instruct the next generation of research presenters. 

  3. Inspiring Success Stories: Hear from those who've walked the path and seen the transformation in their careers. Let their journeys ignite your ambition.


All based on science, research and professional experience spanning over a decade of work coaching hundreds of events, working with thousands of researchers.  

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The PresentBetter Newsletter

Great presentations are rare, together we can change that.  

For researchers wanting to be confident that every opportunity you have to present maximizes the reach of your research and the positive impact on your career.  

For supervisors wanting to equip your students with the knowledge and skills to present in ways that make them great ambassadors of your lab and help them successfully launch their own careers.  

Thanks for submitting!

I had the privilege of witnessing Andy's exceptional seminar on public speaking organized by the Epidemiology Students Organization at Johns Hopkins. Andy showcased a profound grasp of confident public speaking and demonstrated a commendable ability in scientific communication. The resources he provided were invaluable, and his dedication to nurturing the next generation of speakers is truly admirable.
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“Do you wish to improve your presentation and presentation skills, but you do not really know what is actually missing?

Andy can help you with that journey and explains the key components of a good talk with practical examples and his experience he gathered over the years of his own learning process. “
“Anxiety was my biggest challenge when it came to presenting, but with Andrew's coaching and adequate practice, I'm learning to manage it. I competed in the 3-Minute Thesis (a competition for academics to present their research to a lay audience in 3 minutes) 5 times in the past 7 years and was always eliminated in the qualifying round. Andrew's coaching helped me to make it to the finals this year for the first time, where I was in the top 15 out of 150+ contestants at McGill.”
“Andy worked with the whole McGill Office of Sustainability staff and took our collective presentation skills to the next level. He gave us awesome tips on how to improve our story telling and make our delivery captivating and engaging. Great experience overall!”
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