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Step 1 to your 3-minute thesis

Updated: May 13

NOTE: This is written for students participating in the 2024 McGill 3MT training program. I'm sharing it here so non-McGill graduate student researchers can benefit too. If you are at another university and interested in how the rest of the training program might become available at your university, institute or lab, don't hesitate to reach out. Cheers, Andy

What are you actually doing?

Most researchers don't have a great answer to this question, but it's not your fault. You are used to talking in journal article formats, and journal articles don't answer this question in a clear, concise, accessible way.

But you can learn to do it:

1. watch the video

2. download the worksheet

3. complete the worksheet

Download PDF • 661KB


You've taken an important first step in learning to share your research. This clear, concise, accessible understanding of what you do and why it matters is the foundation on which every great presentation rests.

Want to get even more of a head start before the first training workshop?

Click the image, and you'll link to the flipbook you see here which does a detailed breakdown of McGill's former 3MT award winner Atia Amin's 2022 winning talk - the one she then went on to win Eastern Regionals, Canadian Nationals and then The North American 3MT Competition in California. Flipping through the book you can watch her talk and read / listen to my analysis of it.

I wish you the best of luck making it to the finals. And, if you don't make it, congratulations anyway as putting yourself out there by starting to share your research with broader audiences is a great first step to having a bigger impact in the world -and that's something to be PROUD of!

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