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Make you next research presentation, 
A GREAT presentation

Andy has guided and accompanied me from being an anxious presenter all the way through to the TEDx stage. Today, I stand as a more confident and articulate individual because of his guidance and mentorship.

Jason Dellatolla, PhD(c) 

“Andy is able to turn complex problems and solutions into a simplified message. For an academic swimming in the details, it was an amazing distillation process!”
Carolyn Jack, Professor, Founder

“He shows up as a friendly human, filled with curiosity. Painting a picture for people of where the value in their work lies.”
Justice Murray, education leader 

“His knowledge is second to none, and I’ve watched how start-ups have gone on to pitch at future events with a lot more confidence following his feedback.”
Sascha Dutta, start-up consultant
AndrewPresent better

Creating compelling visuals that complement rather than compete. 

Honing content to ignite curiosity and scaffold comprehension.

Developing a dynamic presence that keeps people engaged even after you've finished speaking.  

For Groups

You’re a lab, institute, or event/competition host and know your people’s research is incredible but their ability to communicate it more effectively needs to be levelled up.  


For Grads and Post Docs. 

You’re a grad student and realize there’s a gap between the importance of your research and your ability to communicate it in a convincing, engaging way.  


For professors, research based-start-ups, and other professionals.

You have an important presentation or pitch and need outside expertise to hone your message, develop compelling visuals and fine -tune your delivery.  ​

Programs & Coaching
"An amazing distillation process"
Carolyn Jack Present better testimonial
"Andy is able to turn complex problems and solutions into a simplified message. For an academic swimming in the details, it was an amazing distillation process!"

Carolyn Jack, MD, PhD
Professor McGill University Founder

Client Stories

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Rachael Edmundson-Clarke
Prepping for a national professional speakers competition
rachael speaker
Professor Gala True
Turning academic research into an engaging workshop for outside professionals
tugboat_gala Present better
McGill University Clinical Innovation Competition
Coaching academic researchers into the world of business start-up pitching
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The PresentBetter Newsletter

Great presentations are rare, together we can change that.  

For researchers wanting to be confident that every opportunity you have to present maximizes the reach of your research and the positive impact on your career.  

For supervisors wanting to equip your students with the knowledge and skills to present in ways that make them great ambassadors of your lab and help them successfully launch their own careers.  

Thank you for joining the conversation,a welcome email is on the way...

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